GifPublishr is a brand new cloud based GIF marketing suite that takes all the hassle, guesswork and pain away from sourcing these viral nuggets to use in your marketing by searching 4 of the top viral image platforms in 1 go, then letting you syndicate these to your own pages, but define a target link that goes to a URL of your choice. GifPublishr even has the power to work as a social media post scheduler, an added feature that could be an app all of it’s own and for which you’d pay full price from some other platforms. And that’s not all… With GifPulishr’s “set and forget” autocampaign functions you can simply set the app to search for a keyword and automatically generate new posts of the top image it finds, at a schedule of your choosing…Grab it NOW With $79,000+ MRR BONUS and BIG DISCOUNT!


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